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Ringo's Diversity Statement

We are greater and stronger as one. Ringo's strives to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are seen as real value for our business and community. We do not tolerate racism or discrimination under any circumstances.

At Ringo's, we welcome all races, ages, sexes, religions and offer equal opportunities for all, be that our applicants, staff, colleagues, guests or influencers. Our community is full of a diverse range of cultures and we aim to provide a safe and comforting space for all. 

Ringo's donates a portion of profits to charities in South Wales that align with our mission who work hard to provide those in need with the tools to better their lives. This help is provided with full equality, aiming to help everyone who needs it in our community. Furthermore, we choose to prioritise independent suppliers based in our local area because we feel that giving back to our direct community is a way we can positively impact and sustain other small businesses like ourselves. 

Diversity Statement: About Us
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